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  • This is probably TMI and I understand if you don't want to answer, but did you have trouble putting in it when you first used the Diva or Moon cup? And do you sleep with it in? I've read that they don't leak, but I'm a little worried about leaking while I'm asleep, since I'll be lying down.

    Asked by Anonymous

    I never had trouble with inserting. It does say that “virgins” might have to try a few times or use lube. As long as your comfortable with yourself and can relax then insertion should be fine. It’s the fine tuning that can be difficult at first; making sure it’s open all the way, being able to rotate it, and making sure it’s at the right angle and not too deep.

    You will have no trouble sleeping with it. Because it creates a suction vacuum there is no way that laying down would cause it too leak! Just make sure to change it 1-3 times a day!

    Might be a strange question, but what toothpaste do you use? I've heard a lot about Earthpaste, have you tried it?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I use Earthpaste! I like it but unlike some reviewers I don’t get that “fresh from the dentist” feeling. My teeth feel clean but I don’t think it’s the most powerful toothpaste. I LOVE the ingredients though which is why I’ve been sticking to it. I might change it up soon though.
    It doesn’t lather at all so the key is to barely get your tooth brush wet.

    Are you going to stay in your apartment for good, or is it just for while you're in school? Either way, I'm happy for you!

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thank you! Either until I graduate in December or until I leave for teacher training in April. But I love my apartment soooo much I wish I could stay here longer!

    Sorry for not answering questions! We don’t have internet in our apartment and I hate answering questions on mobile! I will as soon as I can.

    It’s crazy how a day can be so great then right before you fall asleep everything gets flipped upside down.

    All moved into my big girl apartment two blocks from the beach f yeah

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