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  • Do you have any advice for people who want to stop binge eating, especially when it's late at night? I'm tired of having cravings and giving into them past 9pm and it's probably the root of my weight problem.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Yes, go to sleep! If you crave things late at night it’s because your body is TIRED and trying to use energy to keep yourself awake! Listen to your body. If you’re craving without hunger, it’s probably saying “I want to go to sleeep!”

    And if you’re not ready to sleep quite yet, drink tea! Flavored teas can satisfy cravings for little to no calories, thus not fueling you right before bed.

    Indeed rape is illegal, but if you use that one someone, regardless of killing them or not FOR rape you'll get charged. If you're caught with it, if a cop just sees it on your keychain, or even worse it's in your purse (could be used as you were trying to hide it in court) you'll all be charged. Not worth it gurl. I'm just looking out. Keep the peeper spray and get like a small swiss army knife. Probably the same knife size as your knuckles and legal.

    Asked by Anonymous

    I literally do not care haha. I know you’re just trying to be helpful but if I’m in a situation where someone is trying to harm me, I’ll do whatever it takes to kick their fucking ass and get out alive. If I could I’d carry a small pistol, since for some reason that’s legal but a little plastic kitty cat isn’t.

    And this is why rape is so easily committed. Women are given no ways to defend themselves.

    What are some of your favorite flows to do on Yogaglo?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Literally any of KB’s. I love love her. Seane Corne is awesome too.

    I saw your post of the pepper spray and knuckles and I wanted to let you know, pepper spray is fine but the knuckles are actually illegal in California. Like, probably as legal as long bladed knifes lol.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Yeah, but you know what else is illegal? Rape. If I need brass knuckles disguised as a cute kitty cat keychain, then that’s how it’s got to be until rape isn’t a valid fear anymore.

    As cute as it is, it’s a shame that my keychain has to even contain these two things.

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