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  • When making your smoothies is coconut water better than greek yogurt

    One isn’t better than the other. Why not add both?

    Kaylie! I am insulin resistant, with a plethora of other health problems. I would like to be completely vegetarian, however I include chicken in my diet. I'd like to go fully raw, but I'm concerned about being too heavily dependent on fruit in my diet because of my blood sugar. Do you think that i should have a more paleo diet? I don't like to eat meat for ethical reasons, AND I have high cholesterol. Do you think I should just cut out grains in my diet? GUIDE ME PLEASE!!

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hey there! So I asked my biology major friend about this, and she and I both agreed that first and foremost, you should consult a nutritionist. If you truly want to not eat meat for ethical reasons, then a nutritionist can tell you how to eat for your medical issues!

    Secondly, to me, it sounds like you really want to label your diet. If you don’t want to eat meat, then why are you considering paleo? Instead of trying to label yourself with a diet, do the YOU diet. For example, if you don’t want to eat read meat but want to eat poultry, then do it, even if it means you can’t say you’re “vegetarian.” I’d quick worrying about trying to put a label on the way you eat and instead focus on eating in a way that makes you happy and healthy!


    Kitty cat update:
    We took Polly home tonight. The vet said he’d recommend sending her to UCD but it’s way too expensive for us, so we’re monitoring her and giving her meds ourselves. Once she started breathing better (but still hard) outside of the oxygen cage he said it would be okay to let her come home. As soon as she got in her bed she started flipping her tail around. We think she’s happy to be home.
    Only time will tell at this point. We need the liquid in her lungs to clear and the swelling of her heart to go down for her to be back to normal. We’re going to keep an eye on her all night to make sure she doesn’t go into respiratory distress again.

    My new favorite thing 😍

    ❤️Pineapple, Watermelon, Coconut Water ❤️
    Juice half a pineapple, a few handfuls of watermelon, and pour in half a liter of coconut water.
    YUM! I normally hate coconut water but this is magic!
    #vegan #raw #glutenfree #kaylieats #kayliecooks

    I found the cure for cystic acne!

    So, I’ve never struggled with acne in my life. Ever. I’ve been very blessed with great genetics and I usually never get more than one or two breakouts a month.

    However, recently, because of a huge amount of stress from this semester, I’ve noticed my skin has been much more difficult to keep clear. While a lot of my breakouts signify dehydration (along the forehead, probably from not rehydrating enough after hot yoga 6 days a week), I’ve strangely started getting cystic acne on my chin.

    Every month, one week on the dot from when my period is supposed to start, I develop a cystic acne spot. I can always feel them coming, and it’s awful knowing that within a day the spot will be a monster.

    I did some research as to why, all of a sudden, I’m getting hormone breakouts. According to one article, women between 20-22, who have never had trouble with acne before, are more prone to hormonal acne than anyone.


    So that’s just great.

    After more research, the overwhelming majority of articles and people said that exfoliating (since hormonal cystic acne can stem from dry, dehydrated skin, which is what I have) to remove excess dead skin and tea tree oil were great options.

    I’ve had tea tree oil for a year or so now, and even though I knew it could be used topically for acne, I never struggled with acne so I never thought to use it. So last night I mixed just one drop of 100% pure tea tree oil with a little jojoba oil, soaked a cotton puff, and dabbed the mixture on my developing cystic spot.

    This morning I woke up expecting a huge, painful cyst to be on my chin, but nope. Nothing. No spot. No pain. No nothing. It’s like it wasn’t even there yesterday.

    I am currently creating a shrine and worshipping this tea tree oil now.

    So this morning I slapped on a bunch of moisturizer and another dab of tea tree on the spot, and I’m finally, for the first time in 4 months, not dealing with a cystic spot, thank god.

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